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The Artist
For me, there is a simple dignity in working with the hands, and great joy in producing something ‘from nothing’ that can delight the senses.   My theme is the light, and how it makes ‘the commonplace’ uncommon. One definition of art is that it, forever, changes the way we see the ordinary. A painterly realism seems best to portray this idea, and over the years I’ve strived to paint ‘as the eye sees’, but more--a mood, a sense of place and time, and an experience. Realism also holds the most interest for me--the excitement when I imagine the concept, the hard work of refining it, then the magic and payoff of watching puddles of paint ‘come to life’ under the brush. Excellence in craftsmanship is a fundamental goal of mine. How the subject is painted is just as significant to me as what the subject might be. For balance, I like to alternate the highly intense work of miniature painting with larger, more impressionistic ‘looser’  pieces.
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Judy is known for her distinctive compositions, a remarkable portrayal of light and shadow, and an ability to convey an atmosphere and ambiance that invites the audience to join in. Sometimes there seems to be a story behind the work, but this is often not discussed out of respect, as she feels that each viewer is entitled to ‘complete’ the painting in his/her own way.       She also tries to create experimental work each year, feeling that it is critical to keep challenging herself.  One such experiment led to international status for her paintings in miniature (CMS, MASF, WFM, MPSGS, CPA). Many accolades include a rare Judges’ Award of Excellence at the World Exhibition of Miniatures, Smithsonian International Gallery in Washington DC; from the MASF, the largest international miniature show in the world, a Best in Show; and from the MPSGS, the second oldest miniature Society in the world, a Best in Show. Recognition in several other spheres includes author/ illustrator of an award-winning children’s book and a commission for the NHL’s ‘Visions of Hockey’ Collection. Judy’s works have been featured in many juried group and solo exhibitions, on national and international magazine covers, and in corporate and personal collections in several countries around the globe. There are more details at past events and awards. Article below: More about Judy’s painting methods.                          (by gracious permission Relish Elgin.ca)