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Ordering Information
All prices given are retail, in Canadian currency, for unframed print editions.    Please contact us regarding amounts for taxes and shipping costs to your area (please provide your postal code so this can be calculated for you). Our location is in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Please make cheques or money orders payable to ‘Judy Minor’. If you prefer to pay by credit card, we accept payments via PayPal; please contact us to find out the total, with shipping etc.; once all is arranged we can arrange that a secure Paypal ‘Request for Payment’ be sent to you.  (*You do not need a PayPal account.) If you are interested in an original painting, please contact us for the price and the availability.
Glossary re print editions  Lithograph—using a press & plates for multiple images.  Judy insists upon acid-free paper and ultraviolet protected inks for all her litho limited editions; all are done on a Heidelberg press; she is heavily involved at all stages including prepress.    Giclee—(pronounced jee-clay)— bypassing plates, the special inks are printed directly onto the heavy watercolour paper.  An amazing leap in technology which, although slow (images often exceed a gigabyte in file size), allows the artist artistic control of the print.  	(Giclees produced from this time onwards will be small edition (usually only 125 in quantity), artist produced and printed.  Judy uses only certified ‘Permanent Pigmented Inks’, professional papers and a state of the art machine.)  Limited Edition—only a pre-specified number of multiples will ever be made; litho plates are destroyed after press time.  None of Judy’s Limited Editions are higher in quantity than 700 S/N.    S/N—means (hand)-signed and –numbered; (eg) 11/125—11 is the number of that specific print, and 125 is the overall size of the edition.  A/P—means Artist’s Proof; traditionally, artists set aside 10% of a press run for their own purposes; these are numbered differently than the S/N portion.  Some persons collect A/P’s.    Open Edition—(or ‘posters’) press plates are kept and may be used any number of times.  Quality of the papers, inks, and the image itself varies widely.  O.E.’s are never numbered, but may be signed by the artist.  This information is meant to be very basic.  There is a huge amount of data available and a plethora of printing methods for both original- & reproduction-type prints.  Judy says that someday she may set up a page on this, if there is a lot of interest.  Right now, it seems that only other artists attempt to understand these, and very often even they study only the specific methods that they themselves use.